What is Tai Sui: How to resolve Fan Tai Sui (offending Tai Sui)


Originally, Tai Sui referred to Jupiter, as its orbit around the sun approximately matches the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, making its position a predictive factor for annual fortunes. Over time, Tai Sui came to also symbolize the guardian deity or governing force of the year, with each year’s Tai Sui having a specific name derived from the combination of the Chinese traditional system of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.

The Concept of Fan Tai Sui (offending Tai Sui)

The concept of “offending Tai Sui” is a part of Chinese traditional culture, originating from Daoism and folk beliefs, closely related to the Chinese zodiac and the system of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches used for years in the Chinese calendar. Everyone is born under a specific zodiac sign and set of stems and branches, while Tai Sui is a deity or celestial influence that changes annually according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, representing the fortune and destiny of the year. Offending Tai Sui essentially means that an individual’s zodiac sign or their year’s heavenly stem and earthly branch conflict with that of Tai Sui, leading to potential misfortune and various challenges.

Types of Offending Tai Sui

  1. Direct Conflict (冲): An individual’s zodiac sign directly conflicts with the Tai Sui of the year, like someone born in the Year of the Rat facing conflict in the Year of the Horse.
  2. Harm (害): The zodiac sign forms a harming relationship with Tai Sui, potentially leading to strained relationships.
  3. Punishment (刑): The zodiac sign is in a punitive relationship with Tai Sui, indicating unexpected difficulties or losses.
  4. Destruction (破): The zodiac sign has a destructive relationship with Tai Sui, suggesting challenges to health or career.

Based on the relationship between zodiac signs and types of conflicts with Tai Sui, the table below outlines the types of Tai Sui offenses for each zodiac sign during different years:

ZodiacDirect ConflictHarmPunishmentDestruction
  • The Direct Conflict column shows the zodiac sign that directly conflicts with the listed zodiac, possibly leading to a challenging year.
  • The Harm column indicates zodiac signs that form a harmful relationship with the listed zodiac, potentially leading to tension in personal relationships.
  • The Punishment column identifies zodiac signs that have a punitive relationship with the listed zodiac, indicating possible unexpected difficulties or losses.
  • The Destruction column lists zodiac signs that have a destructive relationship with the listed zodiac, suggesting possible challenges to health or career.

Remedial Measures

In traditional customs, offending Tai Sui is believed to bring adverse effects, leading people to adopt various measures to mitigate these, including:

  • Worshipping Tai Sui: Performing ceremonies to worship Tai Sui at temples, asking for protection and lessening of negative impacts.
  • Wearing Amulets: Carrying specific amulets or the zodiac sign’s auspicious symbols to attract good luck and ward off misfortune.
  • Doing Good Deeds: Improving one’s karma through charitable actions to enhance personal fortune.
  • Improving Feng Shui: Adjusting the living or working space’s feng shui to better the personal energy flow and fortune.

In Chinese folk traditions, there are several methods to mitigate or “break” the adverse effects of offending Tai Sui (犯太岁), a concept deeply rooted in Chinese astrology and cosmology. These methods are aimed at appeasing Tai Sui, the celestial authority of the year, to ensure a smoother and more fortunate year despite the predicted conflicts. Here are some of the common practices:

1. Worshipping Tai Sui (拜太岁)

Worshipping Tai Sui involves performing specific rituals or prayers either at home or in a temple dedicated to Tai Sui. The ceremony usually includes offering incense, fruits, and other offerings to the Tai Sui of the year, asking for protection and blessings to counteract the negative influences. Temples may have a dedicated altar for Tai Sui where individuals can make their prayers and offerings.

2. Wearing Red Undergarments or Clothing

Red is considered an auspicious color in Chinese culture, symbolizing good fortune and joy. People who are offending Tai Sui for the year often wear red undergarments, socks, or belts throughout the year, especially during significant events or on important days, to ward off bad luck and attract positive energy.

3. Carrying Amulets or Talismans

Carrying or wearing amulets, talismans, or other symbolic items is a common practice for protection against the adverse effects of offending Tai Sui. These items might include jade pendants, bracelets with zodiac signs, or specifically designed Tai Sui amulets that are believed to carry protective powers.

4. Performing Good Deeds

It is widely believed that performing good deeds, such as charity work, helping others, or increasing positive karma, can mitigate the negative effects of offending Tai Sui. The act of giving, kindness, and improving one’s moral conduct is thought to attract positive energy and blessings, countering the challenges posed by Tai Sui.

5. Feng Shui Adjustments

Making adjustments to one’s living or working space according to Feng Shui principles is another method to alleviate the impact of offending Tai Sui. This might involve moving furniture, adding or removing elements to balance the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), or placing specific Feng Shui cures or enhancers in the direction that Tai Sui resides for the year to harmonize the energy.

6. Avoiding Major Life Changes

In years when one is offending Tai Sui, it’s often advised to avoid making major life changes such as starting a new business, getting married, or undertaking significant travel. The belief is that maintaining a stable and low profile can help avoid attracting further negative attention from Tai Sui.

7. Seeking Professional Consultations

Some individuals may seek the advice of Feng Shui masters or astrologers for personalized remedies and advice based on their birth chart and the specific details of how they are offending Tai Sui. These experts can provide tailored solutions, rituals, or recommend specific dates and actions to minimize the impact.

While these practices are rooted in tradition and may be considered superstitious by some, they reflect the rich cultural heritage of China and the enduring belief in the influence of celestial forces on human affairs.